A running shoe, a wheelchair, a bus, and a bike

Walk Bike Irondequoit (WBI)


WBI wants to make Irondequoit NY friendlier for bikers and walkers alike! This is a citizen led organization advocating for safer transit conditions. We are a young organization, but we are positioned to make a difference in town. We have already notched a few small wins in the past several months, and hope to notch a few more by year’s end. Our group formed under another local group, Color Irondequoit Green.


Here are our goals for 2023

  • More trails and bike lanes: safer routes going North-South an East-West
  • Improve road crossings: increase the accessibility of sidewalks
  • Create BIKE BOULEVARD network: to avoid Titus and Ridge, we need designated streets with low traffic and speeds to create safe biking options
  • Install new bike infrastructure: More bike racks and repair stations


Get it touch! Please visit us on Facebook.