Healthy Yards Monroe County

Healthy Yards provides resources to educate and encourage residents and town & county officials to adopt sustainable landscape practices that support and restore biodiversity, restore soil health, and maintain clean water. Color Irondequoit Green is connected with multiple municipalities in our county to create pollinator pathways by restoring the biodiversity and health of the ecosystems in our yards and designated town spaces.

What we’re doing

Engaging members of the community in more sustainable use of yards and residential greenspaces while also engaging elected officials to enact policy that promotes sustainable use of municipal green spaces. We will focus on the connectivity of our community’s ecological system.

Educating residents and lobbying for policy change to:

    • ​drastic reduction in pesticide use
    • replacing parts of lawns while encouraging planting native species to support healthy pollinator pathways 
    • removal of invasive species of plants

Great places to purchase native plants and trees:

Monroe County Soil & Water

  • Native or naturalized trees, shrubs, flowers, edible plants (seedlings and seed mixes). Lots of great information as well!
  • Orders are due by March 3rd. Pick up April 20-21 at the EcoPark, 10 Avion Dr.

Amanda’s Native Garden

  • Amanda’s Native Garden Perennial Nursery specializes in propagating and growing native perennial wildflowers, native ferns, native grasses, and sedges.
  • Call and ask about Public Market deliveries. 
    • 8030 Story Road, Dansville, NY
    • 585-750-6288