Steps to Greener Gift Giving

Communicate and make a plan

Let your loved ones know you have a goal for a greener holiday. They may have a similar goal.
Consider if you are willing to reduce the number of gifts given. If so, set it up so each person in the group gives one gift and receives one gift.

Or, gift for a family in need these gifts are often coats, bedding, boots for children. The House of Mercy has a wish list on their website.

Finally, ask for specific recommendations and if someone asks you, tell them yours!


Make it Pretty!

Save any gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon, bows, brown bags, and colorful string to use for wrapping. Use craft supplies you already have to paint, draw, or trace a card.

Give consumable gifts

A consumable gift is anything that will be used up. Here are some ideas:

All the ingredients for a specialty drink: think Spiced cider, Bloody Mary, Shirley Temple, or tea with honey.

All the fixings for a movie night: popcorn, sodas, candy.

Homemade syrups are really easy to make and impressive to give. Boil water and sugar together to make simple syrup, then add
flavor. For flavor, you can use spices, extracts, melted candies (peppermint,
caramel), or fruit juice.

  • Try pairings like a bag of coffee with peppermint syrup, a bottle of
    lemonade with raspberry syrup, or a dark rum with some bubbly and
    ginger syrup.

Home-roasted nuts! These are easy and actually tastier than store-bought roasted nuts. It is also very fast, so it makes a good last-minute gift. Try home-roasted nuts with a pint of ice cream or a case of beer. Here’s a great recipe.

Does the gift need to be new?

Great gifts can be found online or in thrift and consignment shops

❖ Books, or unique editions of books they love
❖ Like-new toys, character toys, action figures, artwork, and posters.
❖ Like-new or vintage pieces of popular brands or designer brands can be found online on Ebay and Etsy.
❖ Pieces of memorabilia or something from a location or team that they love.
o Think: a Buffalo Bills sign from the 80s, a flag from their college, or an
old poster from the Lilac Festival

Donations or Memberships

Donate to a non-profit in a loved one’s name and let them know with a card. Here are a few to consider:

❖ PBS Passport (grants access to tv shows)
❖ Audubon (For bird lovers – comes with a magazine)
❖ Their place of worship (their name may appear in the bulletin)
❖ Irondequoit Community Cupboard (local food pantry)